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About APEX Acreages Private Limited

For over nine years, APEX Acreages Pvt. Ltd. has been the local leader in helping people buy residential and commercial properties. Our customised services for being a preferred service provider, sales organiser and partner have always exceeded our clients and developers alike.

Based in Gurugram, Haryana, APEX understands the local realty market best with the cream of trained realty professionals. With a passion of a salesperson’s drive, an administrator’s attention to detail and a genuine desire to help people buy their homes.
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Our Vision

We aspire to become the leading Real Estate Service Provider in our chosen categories and geographies whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and service with consistent results.

Our Mission

To serve our targeted customers with the highest level of integrity and satisfaction through the mutual satisfaction of the needs of our customers and investors.

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Collaboration, Trust and Sharing

“Real-estate is full of indiscriminate noise. Shrill and subtle voices, irritating and endearing, promising you newer versions of heaven, untold returns, unimaginable lifestyles.”

Karan Khanna
Managing Director

Why choose APEX

We're different because we have years of experience

Assessing Client’s Objectives

Understanding what you expect is the key to achieving the goal in mind. That is why we spend time initially to understand your overall needs, specific mandates and financial context before we proceed.

Market Commentary and Strategies

What is happening in the real-estate space, what are the trends, which are the areas that will give handsome returns in the near future…these are some of the broader issues that our market commentary and go-to strategies attempt to discern and offer you nuggets of actionable intelligence.

Advising on Suitability and Selection

We map our understanding of your needs to suitable projects that exist or are on the horizon. From an initial shortlist, we further evaluate and advise you on the merits and the financial aspects involved in making a selection

Negotiating Terms

A very important aspect of the entire process, we put our best minds at work to negotiate terms that are as favorable to you as possible. In the entire process, the intent is to ensure transparency, always.

Legal Documentation

The transactional clarity required in real-estate ownership means that legal documentation should pass muster at all levels. Our team ensures that due diligence is done even before we advise you on a purchase and once the decision to buy is taken all the paperwork is properly implemented

After Sales Service

For us, clients are not a single transaction or a sale, they are about relationships. We are there for you, whenever you need us for any query or request you may have. Feel free to get in touch. We will be ready and eager to assist you

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